Floppy Flexers

Minting in May!

A relic from the past,
or a key to the future?

Over 50 years ago, the floppy disk was created. Although it has since become obsolete, it is still used as a symbol of saving. As such, Floppy Flexers will become the symbol of DJD. All holders of Floppy Flexers will be entitled to a 75% discount during the whitelist pre-sale of all future drops. DJD is building a community and now is your chance to be a part of it.

Featuring anime stickers from Weeb Garage.

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Each Floppy Flexer is guaranteed to be unique, with nearly 300 traits across 11 different categories. While most NFT collections consider having 1 difference as unique, Floppy Flexers all have a minimum difference of 2. This ensures you don't end up with an NFT that looks identical to another.

Shell Material
Shell Color
Shutter Material
Shutter Color
Wear Level
Label Text
Charm Metal
Sticker (Label)
Sticker (Shutter)


1. Community Building

There will be a question of the day posted daily in the gm channel in the discord server. New channels will be added as requested.

2. Launch

10,000 Floppy Flexers will be minted on the Solana blockchain. A portion will be reserved for the community, family, and friends.

3. 50% SOLD - Community Giveaway

After 50% of Floppy Flexers have sold, several raffles will take place as free giveaways on Discord. You will need to be a verified human in order to receive a giveaway.

4. Future Drops & DAO

As our community grows, we will brainstorm ideas for future drops. I already have many ideas in mind, which will be discussed and voted on with the holders of Floppy Flexers.

5. Minting Discounts

All holders of Floppy Flexers will be entitled to a 75% discount during the whitelist pre-sale of all future drops. Future whitelist pre-sales will likely contain about 25% of the entire collection, but this may be subject to change.

A polaroid picture of Dylan, the founder of Floppy Flexers


I'm Dylan, a 3D modeler and developer based in the USA. I'm constantly learning new things and I am excited to finally delve into the NFT space.

If you'd like to reach out to me, you can DM me on Twitter or join the Floppy Flexers Discord.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What chain will Floppy Flexers be minted on?
When's the mint date?
Will it be whitelist-only or public?
How will you ensure fair distribution?
What's the utility?
What's the mint price?
How can I get one after the mint has sold out?

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